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Our midwives and healthcare professionals are located all over the world, speak many languages, and specialize in various areas of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and child-rearing. Whatever your needs are, we have a midwife for you.

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Select your date and time to arrange for a 30-minute or 45-minute, completely confidential video chat. Alternately, our midwives offer many courses, covering specific topics.

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The most important element of our call a midwife service is our strict confidentiality. We uphold your trust and your data over everything else.

For this reason, we teamed up with Haltera to offer data-protected and secure video chat services. Handing over the technology side of things to Haltera frees up our minds for medical expertise and first-rate assistance throughout your pregnancy, birth plan, postpartum, and child-rearing. It’s a perfect match.


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We support women all over the world.

We are a multilingual online midwife platform based in Berlin, Germany. Our mission is to reach women and families all over the world, wherever there is insufficient midwifery care or lacking healthcare systems, or any time online advice is needed, especially in a mother tongue. The digital era allows for the expansion of knowledge. There is no reason we, as medical professionals and midwives, should not spread our pregnancy, birthing, postpartum, and child-rearing know-how across all channels.

We are always better together.

Are you open to a new challenge? Are you prepared to share your expertise to support women and families from other cultures?

If so, please get in touch. We want to enrich our community, broaden our knowledge base, and help as many women as we can.



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