Katja Beith

Hi, I am Katja Beith,

Originally I’m from Essen, Germany, and came to Berlin in 1991.
Back then I was still a student. However, I realized that becoming a midwife was more in line with my professional project. So I shortened my time at university and received my diploma in midwifery in 1997.

On the point of my experience, I have worked in the delivery room of several hospitals.

However, nowadays I mainly work in pre- and post-natal care.

As a freelance midwife, I am allowed to perform all check ups, except ultra sounds.

Concerning pre-natal care, during a pregnancy I offer consultations in person or via phone and zoom.

Furthermore, I used to give birth prep classes. Which I greatly enjoyed!

After birth, I usually visit the new family in their home, offering support and advice for this exciting and nerve rattling time of their lives. Nonetheless, consultations using technology are also possible.

Usually, I give two or three post-natal classes per week, but due to the current pandemic we have adjusted to meetings.

This works quite well, we laugh and sweat a lot!

Currently, I still live in Berlin, am married and have two grown-up kids

To me, being a midwife is an important and preventative work, that helps people to have a smooth transition in an overwhelming and exciting period of their lives.

Topics: antenatal and postnatal consultation, breastfeeding, postnatal class,

Languages: German and english