Moms Diary 4

Moms Diary 4


The teddy bear is tired. That’s what child number 3 tells me and presses his eyes shut. We let Number 2 sleep past her coma-like late midday nap. Big mistake. She is now wide awake again. But I feel like the bear. Except no one is pressing my eyes closed. Either way.

Alert number 3 can be convinced to turn off the lights. But only if WINKELSCHLEIFER ist allowed to bed with her. She lets it rattle. Says it’s her phone. On my ear. 

It’s a green plastic one, with a battery, but completely harmless. Maybe it’s important to mention that, because of child safety and all? Her calling it her phone might be a little criminal though. I think I might need to reconsider my phone usage…. 

Trrr trrr trrrr

Christina Rubarth is a Berlin-based TV and radio journalist.

In her other life she’s a mother of three – one boy, two girls born between 2013 and 2017. She is writing regular updates on her – sometimes crazy, but mostly just incredibly exhausting – life in the company of offspring 1, 2 and 3. Just snapshots of real life –

honest, upfront and uncensored.