Laurie Reinke

“ When my first daughter was born twenty years ago, I had moved to Germany only nine months prior. I did not understand the German language or culture, nor did I know what my options were for birth support and support directly after birth. I felt lost and overwhelmed. Now, my children are older, and I am fluent in German, very knowledgeable of German customs and traditions, and very apt at German bureaucracy.

With time, my desire increased steadily to assist specifically International Families in Berlin around, during and after birth. 

To make this possible, I educated myself for three years at the German Association for Birth Preparation and combined this knowledge with holistic approaches to Family Accompaniment, Pregnancy & Birth Support, and New Mother Care. Additional training in the Rites of Passage and the realm of Feminine Healing allows me to support my clients’ emotional, psychological, and physical needs.

With my experience and education, I offer the best of both worlds, modern scientific techniques combined with alternative approaches. With my heart and hand, I bring the most important thing to you, Tender, Loving Care for Mother & Child.

Topics: Family Companion, Postpartum Companion, Birth Companion, Lactation Consultant, Baby Massage Instructor, Post-Birth and Recovery Trainer,

online birth preparation classes

Languages: english and german