Maike Jansen

“You had wanted to become a midwife since the age of 10”, is what an old school friend said ,with a smile on his face upon receiving my midwifery qualifications.

My dream must have been quite strong.

Pregnancy, the creation of new life, to look into the eyes of a newborn, the support and guidance I am able to offer adults, whilst on their path to becoming parents, is an amazing task for me.

My passion for languages and the love of diversity of different cultures allowed me to work as a children`s nurse and midiwife in various countries (Paraguay , Nicaragua,, Ireland and The Netherlands).

Currently I give antenatal and postnatal care to non legally recognised women in Hamburg, who are mainly refugees from West African countries.

I believe “call a midwife” is a great idea as women all over the world can receive professional advice online.

Topics: Antenatal and postnatal care, breastfeeding consultation

German, English