You have questions about pregnancy, birth, or your baby?

call a midwife offers support and advice via Skype and Hangouts for you and your family worldwide at any time and any place you are.

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Expert advice via the Internet anytime anywhere

Midwives are competent aid before, during and after the birth of your child. With call a midwife you can access our extensive knowledge and experience on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, via Skype or Google Hangout face to face in a private ambiance. With call a midwife you receive expert advice and professional support, 365 days a year, at any time and at any place in German, English, Russian and turkish.

Our midwives team is there for you with advice.
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Hi, I'm Sabine, midwife and founder of call a midwife and advise you during the first contact.
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You are looking for professional help and support concerning the birth of your baby?

Find information about the most important topics and our services.

These are some of the best moments in your life. We are here to offer expert advice and ease the way

call a midwife offers answers and support to all the key topics for you and your family. If you do not find your question, ask anyway. Don’t hesitate, we are here to help!


Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting and joyful time. It also a demanding time that will bring up a lot of questions. read more

Antenatals Course

Preparing for the birth of your child is a very sensible means of ensuring a positive birth experience. read more

Family & Partnership

To fill the many roles of mother, partner, and woman at the same time is not easy. But there are ways. We would ike to show you how you can manage. read more


You will have many questions regarding delivery. For centuries midwives have accompanied women all over the world and they are experts at this. read more

Baby & Babycare

You will be exposed to well-intended advice from everywhere and it might confuse you. Which of it is valid and worth following? read more


A large part of our service is on breastfeeding. For all your related concerns, you’ll benefit from our knowledge and many years of experience. read more

1st year of your baby

We are trained to support you during pregnancy, delivery, and after care. We will accompany you during the first year with your newborn child. read more

Baby-led weaning & baby foods

Your baby shows clear signals that she/he wants to be present at family supper, but you are not sure how to proceed. read more

After care

In the first weeks with your baby at home you will have a lot of unexpected questions. Here you will find first answers. read more

For cases where diagnoses are only possible through direct contact with the baby or the mother we will not offer online opinions or consulting. In emergencies please contact your doctor or emergency services.

You are looking for an experienced midwife in your language?

call a midwife offers help and assistance in many international languages.

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Professional, encouraging, and engaged counsel

With call a midwife we offer expert advice by experienced midwifes. We will support you in German, English, Russian and other languages. Our personal online appointments we will deal with your questions in a competent, uncomplicated and solution oriented way. If you wish we will also talk to your own doctor. Midwife-patient confidentiality is assured at all times. Also during your holidays or while away from home you can find advice and support through call a midwife.

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Contact us via email, chat or call/sms +49 151 722 00 722



Pick out your preferred date and book call a midwife book now

You want to know more about our offer and how to book a call?

Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions.

Here you might find the answer you are looking for

Find your questions and our answers in this section. call a midwife wants to offer you the best possible service and make it as easy as possible to use it. Please let us know if there is anything we can improve.

I need to change an appointment. What do I have to do?

Write us an email and propose a date and time. We will see that it works out!

call a midwife can not be reached as agreed. What now?

This should not happen. If it does occur, please try again. If you still cannot reach us, please send us an email. We will contact you as quickly as possible.

How long is my multi-call package valid?

You can use your multi-call package up until 6 months after buying it.

I have booked the multi-call package but not used it up. Will I get refunded?

We are sorry to say that refunds on these packages are not possible. However, you can ask us for help and use your credit anytime during the six months in which the package is valid. Perhaps use the credit for a friend?

I do not have PayPal nor a credit card. How else can I pay?

At this time there is no option besides PayPal or Credit card. We are working on being able to offer alterative payment options.

I have an additional question regarding an already finished conversation that I booked as a single package. Do I need to book another appointment?

The Single Call Package option requires an individual booking for each advisory or support contact with call a midwife.

If I book a package can I chose to always speak to the same midwife?

We try to manage your contact with call a midwife as individually as possible and try to ensure that you have the same midwife each call. However, for organizational reasons we can not guarantee this.

Online booking in a few simple steps

It is very easy to book a midwife through call a midwife. Choose a package and fill out the form specifying language, topic, and preferred appointment (day and time). After your payment through Paypal or Credit Card we will contact you as soon as possible and confirm your appointment or propose an alternative date/time.

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